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When designing packaging, the brand’s story is the most important thing to understand and convey.

This tea company began in the Fujian Province in China, which I discovered is the location of the beautiful rainbow bridge. The bridge inspired the hand logo prominently shown on all 3 tea packages, with the company’s desire to break into the CA market leading to the choice to place the state of CA on the tea bags with nods to CA wine country and exploring the outdoors. 

Designs for Perro Bombero, a Sonoma Hot Sauce Company. The labels needed to include a dog and a variety of hot peppers, while representing Sonoma County, CA. The original sketches are above, with the evolution of the designs shown to the final bottles with the chosen design, featuring the state of CA as the dog’s face marking. 

Book jacket redo 

Little Fires Everywhere is a favorite novel of mine, so I relished the opportunity to redesign the cover with my own interpretation of the story. All elements were photographed individually and assembled in PhotoShop